Real Financial Planning, LLC

The Fee Only Difference …

The Real Financial Planning mission is to help clients better their lives through unbiased, comprehensive financial planning that is driven by their unique goals and needs. As fee-only planners, we do not take commissions or referral fees. The only compensation for the advice given comes directly from the client. The result is a client-centered relationship – free from conflicts of interest.

Retirement Planning

There are a multitude of factors to be considered in retirement planning, including: pension plans, retirement accounts, taxable accounts, social security, along with anticipated expenses, life expectancy, health issues, housing, insurance, taxes, legacy plans, and assumptions regarding expected rates of return and inflation.

Incorporating all of these variables into a clear planning picture is complex, but doable. Real Financial Planning utilizes sophisticated retirement planning software which incorporates all of these variables to provide simulations of expected outcomes. Click here to view a sample mini retirement planning report.

Investing & Portfolios

Generally, investors will have short-, intermediate- and long-term plans for the use of their funds. Money that will be used within a year should be invested very differently from money that won’t be needed for years to come. Investment considerations for a tax-sheltered account are different than those for a taxable one.

Although a degree of adjustment should be made to accommodate the ever-changing market conditions, there are rules of thumb for appropriate portfolio allocations, spread across a variety of investment vehicles, to assist in achieving a rate of return – given the level of risk necessary to hope to meet that return.

Real Financial Planning can provide you with a portfolio review and recommendations to help you meet your short- and long-term financial goals.

Tax Planning & Preparation

Real Financial Planning offers a comprehensive tax planning and preparation service.

Investments which generate ordinary income, such as bonds and REITs, and active mutual funds producing large capital gains are generally best allocated into retirement accounts. On the other hand, tax-efficient and municipal bond funds are more suitable for taxable accounts.

However, each individual’s circumstance is different and much depends on his or her tax brackets, investment time frame and optimum overall portfolio allocation. Real Financial Planning can assist in assimilating all of these factors to help you determine your optimum investment strategy.